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Aku tidak pernah tahu bagaimana nasib membawa kita. Hingga akhirnya aku terlena pelan-pelan dan jatuh. Aku tidak tahu segala kepastian tentang bahagia. Tapi aku yakin benar bahwa ini nyata. Ketika awan bergulat mesra dengan langit atau lumut memanjat pelan di kerasnya dinding batu. Aku menyadarinya semua itu bersamaan ketika aku menyadarimu.




we’re okay

It was almost midnight
and you said that people always left no matter what,
while you were eating with both of your messy hands,
all i could do was stare at you
and realize that
you’re good kind of complicated

I have a crush on you but I always believe that you’re just a phase,
but your existences is pretty loud for my quite soul,
there’s always a little bit of you in everything
in every people I’ve met,
every book I’ve read,
every places I’ve been and never been,
you are here and there
this and that
You are the kind of person
who could give me a hint of home
and fireworks at the same time
I’m not afraid of being my self because
you’re not afraid of being who you are

even through we’ll probably drift apart someday,
or break each other heart,
it’ll be okay

because after we ate that day, I told you that
At the end all you have is yourself
and we went home with our full belly,
dived in comfortable silence, while frank ocean was playing on the background,
and it was more than okay

“It begins to blur, we get older
Summer’s not as long as it used to be
Everyday counts like crazy”